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Sven Walther, Senior Solutions Engineer EMEA @ Kong Inc.

Sven Walther rounded edges 120px no shadowSven is responsible for all technical questions, presentations and installations for Kong Inc. prospects in the API Management space in the European region. He has more than 15 years experience with different enterprise IT solutions consuming, providing and managing APIs. He is currently focused on providing the world-class solutions for API Management and Developer Engagement.

In his professional career he soon focused on the idea of selling by providing consultancy in both the commercial and the technical space. Seeing is believing is one of his major concepts for presentations showing real systems instead of a stack of slides.

After having successfully completed studying economics he started his career on leading enterprise software companies being responsible for his home market Germany as well Europe, Middle East and Africa. He has been working for leading software vendors in development focused industries in technical driven presales roles ever since.

In addition, Sven is a .NET developer in his free time when not using his preferred UNIX based environments.

API Gateway

Kong runs in front of any RESTful API and is extended through plugins, which provide extra functionality and services beyond the core platform.

Service Mesh

Kong’s service mesh injects the same dynamic functionality we provide at the edge into a mesh pattern. Same Kong, new way to use it.

Developer Portal

Publish API Docs, Onboard and Manage Developers
The complete API developer portal solution for enterprises who want to become global platforms.

API Monitoring

Visual API Analytics to monitor your Kong Enterprise health and understand the microservice API transactions traversing Kong.


Recent and upcoming talks

Conferences with panels hosted by myself as of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

The state of open API in Swiss private banks. Where are we heading to

API Conference 2018 - API From Scratch to Live in an Enterprise Environment

Providing an API as an enterprise is not only spinning up a server or container deploying the backend – it’s a process which can and should be streamlined.

But it does not stop there – functional and load testing, creating test data pools, publishing it to the developers and last but not least getting an in-depth monitoring from end to end are more topics which need to be taken care of.

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The state of open API in Swiss private banks. Where are we heading to

ETSI Security Week 2018 - API Security Best Practices

As the upcoming 5G standard for mobile communications is heading to a modern, RESTful architecture my talk is about the best practises with those technologies (including OAuth, OpenID Connect and JOSE) since more than 10 years in the market.

Focus is on the lessons learned so telcos can leverage the knowledge already existing rather than (as in the past) developing their own protocols and security products / mechanisms.

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The state of open API in Swiss private banks. Where are we heading to

The state of open API in Swiss private banks. Where are we heading to? 2017

The state of open API in wealth management. Data Economy

Panel discussion about open APIs in the wealth management industry. How Swiss private banks share portfolio data? Is it safe? How owns client data? Will data aggregation lead to full A.I. automation of private banking?

APIDays Berlin and APIStrat Europe

APIDays Zürich September 2017

Do we need API Gateways when using Microservices?

Talk about API Gateways being the new legacy in the microservices era or instead being a cruicial part in designing the modern infrastructure.

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Designing and building APIs in the Microservices era

Workshop on the concepts and ideas of designing an API with a spotlight on microservices being implemented in company wide initiatices.

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security-zone Zürich September 2015

Policy Management – zentrale Lösung für die Sicherheit von Websites und Services

In Zeiten von Heartbleed, Poodle und RC4 NOMORE gewinnt die zentrale Verwaltung der sicheren Zugänge der webbasierten Systeme immer mehr an Bedeutung. Nur wer schnell und umfassend auf die nächste Herausforderung reagieren kann wird auch morgen noch auf die Integrität seiner Systeme vertrauen können.

Die Präsentation behandelt die jüngere Historie der SSL/TLS-Verschlüsselung, aktuelle Handlungsempfehlungen und zeigt, wie mit einem zentralen Policy Management solche und andere Herausforderungen der OWASP Top 10 adressiert werden können.

APIDays Berlin and APIStrat Europe

APIDays Berlin and APIStrat Europe April 2015

API Management Workshop: Realizing an API strategy

Q&A to a live demo session around the ease of implementing and maintaining API’s, Apps and attaching the right policy.

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